Free Kahoot Bot Ninja Flooder
Flood & Be Winner In Kahoot Games Generate Spammer –  Smasher Bot That Takes the name or Id of a Kahoot and boost score with the nickname of your choosing! Auto Answers Included !!! Be Winner Now!


How Kahoot Smasher work?

Kahoot Smasher will generate bot & connect to server to crashing game. Follow the step by step and be kahoot winner!


Kahoot is a popular game-based learning platform. Millions of students use it to learn and teach. Kahoot bot is a great way to make money online.

What is Kahoot BOT?

Kahoot Bot is a web application that allows users to create and participate in Kahoots, or online quizzes. Kahoot Bot provides a user-friendly interface for creating and managing Kahoots, as well as the ability to share Kahoots with friends.

Kahoot Smasher Tool To Send Bots To Kahoot Games

The generation tool is one of the best out there. Even if you don’t have any clue what Kahoot is, they have this bot generator that can generate one automatically from scratch for you in a few minutes. It’s also a reliable and popular Kahoot bot generator used by a lot of students online.

How to Use Kahoot Bot?

Kahoot Bot is a free online tool that allows users to create and host Kahoots, or interactive quizzes, with friends. Simply enter the questions and answers into Kahoot Bot, and it will generate a quiz for you. You can then invite your friends to take part in the fun, and watch their reactions as they try to solve the puzzles. Kahoot Bot is easy to use and perfect for creating engaging quizzes with your friends.

To use Kahoot Bot, you can follow these step:

  1. Click On Access Bot Server button above
  2. Type the PIN you obtained in the text box and type the prefix if needed
  3. Click send bots
  4. Wait until the bots are sent 


How Does the Kahoot Generator work?

Unlike many other Kahoot spam tools, it has a very good and easy to use interface. You load it and use it, and it is very simple and easy to use. The backend is powerful, and also you have various connections to run these scripts. It’s loved by students.

The generated bots are known as robots. They can be hidden as you wish. Each robot can be managed separately.

The feature is very helpful as teachers always inspect the list of students that join the game. It is relatively easy to catch the student using the “bot” generator. They can use up to eight devices, and if they do, they can generate hundreds of Bots at the same time.


What are the Benefits of Using Kahoot Bot?

Some benefits of using Kahoot Bot include the ability to quickly launch Kahoots with no prior preparation, the ability to easily share Kahoots with others, and the ability to track Kahoot results and performance.

Be careful! We have developed a tool that can be used to generate random bots to cheat in games. Currently, the generated bots are not visible to the teacher or the admin using this tool.


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