Guide To Create A Kahoot Game

Guide To Create A Kahoot Game

Kahoot is a fun game, but how do you make one? You can do it in 4 simple steps. First, you need people to play. So, you need to create a game that you think other people will want to play. Second, you’ll also need to choose a topic. If you’re a teacher, you might ask students to play a game about a topic that you taught them the day before, but if you’re not a teacher, then it really doesn’t matter what the game is about as long as it’s fun. Third, you’ll need to choose the question types you want to ask in your game. You can choose a range of question types depending on what you want the game to be about.

How do you create a Kahoot game?

To create your own Kahoot games, follow these steps given below,

Guide To Create A Kahoot Game

  1. Log-in> Kahoot account
  2. Click > Create button.
  3. Choose one of the four-game options (quiz, jumble, discussion, survey)
  4. Title the game,
  5. provide the description,
  6. Add the optional image,
  7. know your audience
  8. Click the “OK, Go” button to start building your game.
  9. Follow the prompts to create a game & click the Save button if complete.

How do I make a free Kahoot?

Do you wonder how Kahoot create game? Follow the instructions below to know the solution.

  1. Goto Kahoot:
  2. Click > “Sign Up for Free” button @ home page.

(Educators are available for free accounts. You want to do is provide the appropriate information while registering the account.)

  1. Select
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Role – Select Teacher

Log-in Method: three are offered: Google, E-mail or Microsoft.


Complete the following information:

  • DOB (required)
  • University or School (optional)
  • Organisation or Company
  • Workplace information(required)
  • E-mail (required)
  • Create a password

How do you make your own quiz game?

To make your own quiz app in Kahoot is very easy and straightforward to do. Follow the instructions given below,

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Log in & enter the Kahoot account.
  3. Click the Create button or click on any Kahoot bot activity types to start creating.
  4. To create a multiple choice quiz, click Quiz.
  5. In Kahoot! – Quiz settings:
    1. Enter the quiz name, the description of what the Quiz is about, the privacy status, the language preference and the audience.
    2. You can also upload your cover image or select images from a Kahoot! Image-library.
    3. Suppose you want the students to view an introductory video while waiting for the Kahoot; add a YouTube video link in an ‘Intro video’ box.
  6. Click OK, Go
  7. Add Question when the Question screen pops up.
  8. In Kahoot! Question-setup:
    1. Enter questions and answer choices wherever questions have the 95-character limit. You can upload questions through a spreadsheet using the Quiz spreadsheet template.
    2. Intimate the correct answer choice. You have from 1 to all correct answers.
    3. Modify time limits, including toggle points on or off.
    4. Add the image or YouTube video to a question as a prompt.
  9. Questions can be re-ordered over dragging to the desired location.
  10. After you are finished adding all the questions, click Save.
  11. Click I’m Done. Finally, you can edit, play or share the Kahoot! Quiz.
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“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment! To unlock the game designer in yourself, all you want is a smartphone or tablet. With the newest update in the mobile application, you can “create kahoots in our app in minutes”, even though you are on the go. Teachers and students of great office superheroes, trivia fans and lifelong learners go for it.

To make a Kahoot game in the app:

Follow these instructions,

  1. Open the Kahoot! App & tap Create in the navigation bar.
  2. Add a title, the description and the cover image. You can use either an image from your camera roll or choose one from the built-in image gallery.
  3. Tap > the cog icon
  4. Select if you want to keep this Kahoot private or make it visible to everyone.
  5. Tap Add a question & Select the question type you would like to add. With the free account, you can add multiple choice quiz & true or false questions. Via upgrading, you may unlock more question types: puzzle, word cloud, type answer, and more.
  6. Add a question and the answer choices. Toggle correct and incorrect answers. Modify the time limit to fit the question type.
  7. Ensure to add images and videos. Check progress upon our Question checklist.
  8. At any moment, you can preview your Kahoot to view what it will seem like for players. Tap the 3-dot icon & Select
  9. Tap Save!

You can save your project in progress even without logging in to your Kahoot! account. To host your game live or assign it as a challenge, all you need is log in. Next, if you log in on your PC, you will discover the Kahoots page’s game.

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Thus, whenever you have a fabulous idea – take your mobile and add it to your Kahoot. For all quizmasters, it indicates you can surprise your friends with impromptu trivia. It provides office superheroes with the ability to create an engaging quiz for your training session or presentation, even though at the very last minute. For teachers and their students – it gets even more comfortable to run student-led projects!