How To Quote Someone On Discord

How To Quote Someone On Discord

When you quote someone on Discord, it will bring up a notification for the user you quoted, and will also bring up a notification for the person who is currently talking in the chat. When you quote someone, the text that you quoted will be placed into the quote text area and the message that you are responding to will be placed into the message text area.

Did discord get rid of the quote feature?

Suppose you wonder how to quote someone on Discord before that know if quoting is available or not. Fortunately, Discord didn’t get rid of quotes. Quoting becomes a build-in function on discord.

How To Quote Someone On Discord

How do you quote pictures on discord?

When the small image is clicked, it should scroll to the original image or open up as an original-sized image. In general, for test messages, while clicking a quoted text, it should navigate the user to the original message.

How do you quote someone?

It is a simple procedure; if it is a single line quote, then prefix your text with a Greater-than sign (>). For example, >Hi chicky.

What are the discord commands?

  • giphy [search term]
  • nick [new nickname]
  • tts [message]
  • afk set [status]
  • whois [user mention]
  • membercount
  • emotes
  • serverinfo
  • Botcommands
  • Moderation Blacklist Add [phrase]


There are many different games and programs out there that will make you want to get a discord server. However, none of these programs are pretty like discord. There are so many features in this program that you’ll be sure to love it when you get it. It is the best game around, and if you get to use all of the features, you’re pretty much going to love it.

What makes discord so great is the fact that it’s free. You don’t have to pay any money to play this awesome game. The servers are available for you to get for free. It is just a simple case of getting the program itself, bringing the game to your computer, and joining the server. There is nothing complicated about playing the previous game.

When you first start the program, you will be prompted to pick a username and password. Ensure that you choose a username that is either wordy or short. It will help you feel more comfortable when chatting with your friends. Once you pick a username, you will be prompted to select a password. Again, choose a short password because if you prefer a long one, your messages might be cut off before they’ve had a chance to be read.

You want to get a discord report BOT for your discord account. It is what you will use to connect your account to the rest of your friends. When your discord report BOT has been created, you will be able to join other people’s chats without having to click their names. It will make it very easy to stay connected with others and play the game.

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Setting up the program to connect to discord is relatively simple. All you require to do is hit on “BOT” on the main menu of discord. It will bring you to the Discord quote BOT settings. Here you able to change any setting that you may find necessary.

Once you have made the changes to the Discord quote BOT settings, you will be all set. Now hit on the discord BOT icon on the top right-hand corner of your screen. It will take you to your bot account, and you can log in with your user name and password. Once you have log in, you can start chatting with your friends! It is that simple!

How To Quote Someone On Discord

Discord is a chat application that is free, and it is popular among gamers worldwide. Even though it was launched in 2015, it still holds many gamers excited to create gaming communities for their favorite games, characters, projects, and other stuff on the platform.

Discord app is a gaming app that focuses on the chatting option too. So gamers can use all text formatting features like bold, underline, italics, and other built-in features through markdown language. Because of these text formats, gamers can communicate easily as they wish and express their thoughts via chat.

Still, there is one basic format which impresses all Discord user, and they are searching for a discord quote text option. The alternative for Discord is Slack which holds the same feature and other chat apps to have.

How To Quote in Discord – A breeze method for sending messages on the free online chat program. You can easily discord quote text messages from anyone else on discord how to quote regardless of which platform you’re using. If, like me, you’re using a desktop, you can still follow the same techniques for IOS, Android, or even desktop. If, like me, you’re using mobile-discord to send messages on discord.

As a note, there are two ways to send a message on discord. You can either use the chatbox itself or use the link button at the top of the screen. There’s also an option in some channels for multi-line quoting. Depending on which channel you click on, you may be prompted to choose a user name and password. So, let’s get cracking.

For those of you familiar with the internet, you’ll know that there’s a myriad of ways you can get a quote from almost anything. What’s more, sending a message on discord how to quote is no exception. The quickest method is simply copying and pasting the necessary information into whatever quoting tool you’re using. If you are utilizing a web browser, you can usually right-click on the quote and select “copy link,” which will automatically put a link appearing in your chatbox.

How do you quote pictures on discord

If, however, you’re using a web-based quoting tool, you have to go one step further. You need to configure the quoting tool you’re using to match your browser. Not all browsers support cross-platform compatibility with the same functionality, so in this case, you may need to make sure to use the custom setting or go with a third-party alternative. Once you’ve made your selection, copying and pasting your quote should take care of it.

You can also use a single-line code block instead of a lengthy explanatory comment as a bonus. That’s right: A single backtick symbol (`) will send a “break” command to your friend or followers, effectively removing them from your conversation for 30 seconds. Useful. If you don’t know what a break is, well, imagine the amount of time wasted if your two-person friendship was a bit more civil. I’m sure you won’t be sorry you took advantage of this feature!

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To take full advantage of how to quote in discord, it’s best to stick to standard formats. Stock quotes are much easier for group chat rooms to read and understand, so don’t make the mistake of including any special formatting or language when using them. If you are quoting someone in English, it’s generally best to stick to the quote as-is. There are times when particular dialects may require an extra “s” or “z” that will make it easier to decipher the actual quote in its native tongue.

When using standard single-line quoting, it’s best to set your cursor exactly above the character’s portrait. Use the mouse to move your cursor around and enter the code blocks you want to place inside the quotation marks. You can add more backticks if needed, but not in the middle of a quote. It’s best to keep your cursor moving around the screen to see all of the backticks and use the mouse-wheel to scroll within the code blocks as you read them.

The last method still works; you can use code blocks to quote someone. The difference is that you will not be able to add anything else on how to quote on discord, and the person will not be able to respond in a reply. This way of quoting someone can lead to some misunderstandings if the person being quoted is not familiar with the particular jargon or is unable to break the ice with you in such a way that you are both able to discuss the topic politely and civilly. Some people might consider this an abuse of the system, but if you feel the need to use this method of quoting someone, then, by all means, do so.

Moreover, Discord user becomes very unlucky, as quoting is considered, they need to use either chatbots or code blocks to quote. Fortunately, it was changed now.

By 2020, Discord made how to quote on discord feature a built-in function. So there is less use of chatbots, and you can quote as you wish while chatting.

This quote option is available on all platforms. You can use the same method to quote in iPhone, Android, and Desktop versions. We will see how to use the quote feature in mobile devices; it is identical for all other platforms except for multi-line quoting on PC, which is easy other than this; it works exactly like this order.

How to do quotes in Discord – Single line quote

Single-line quoting on Discord is applied if you need to quote something that is one line of text. It implies no line breaks are needed; your fingers never tap the Return key on your keyboard.


Format: > (space) Text


E.g.) > Single-line quote

How to do quotes in Discord – Multi-line quote

There is two way to quote Multi-line quotes. Either you use a single line quoting method for each sentence of your paragraph or prefix >>> symbol followed by space at the starting of your paragraph.

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The first method will be an annoying one; literally, you need to use > symbol for every sentence and break in the message. So it is easy to use the second method, which will be easy and efficient. To end the quoting, either send the message or start a new message without >>> the symbol.

Format: >>> (space) Text


E.g.1) > This is the first line of the paragraph.

>This is the second paragraph after the line break.

E.g.2) >>> This is the first paragraph with few words, Single-line quote, Multi-line quote, Single-line quote, Multi-line quote, Single-line quote, Multi-line quote, Single-line quote, Multi-line quote, Single-line quote, Multi-line quote, Single-line quote, Multi-line quote, Single-line quote, Multi-line quote, Single-line quote, Multi-line quote.


This is the second paragraph with few words after the line break. Single-line quote, Multi-line quote, Single-line quote, Multi-line quote, Single-line quote, Multi-line quote, Single-line quote, Multi-line quote, Single-line quote, Multi-line quote, Single-line quote, Multi-line quote.

Multi-line quoting in the computer will slightly differ, both > and >>> symbol works the same in PCs, so to hvae single line quote git backspace and return key to have standard text.

Discord quote someone – Using Code Block

There is a separate quoting system available on Discord. It is an in-built function, and it is moreover used in systems. It will result in an identical appearance.

Here we will use a quoting operator to make it effortless and straightforward. It is simple to use. Add your text in between two backticks.

Using this symbol, your phrases in between these backticks become quotes, and they will be highlighted in the chatbox as quoting. It is the same for the multi-line quoting method too.


Format: `Text`


E.g.) `Enter your text here!`


Still, you have the option; there are chatbots available on Discord. You can install it in every Channel you wish to for chatting. These chatbots will enable the quote option.


How to address someone straightly in a group chat?

While communicating with the user in a Discard channel, you need to DM them instead of the whole group member. Still, you need to text them privately; you can do it by hitting on the person’s username and DM them directly. But, you need to text them within the channel; there is a way to do it, use this code ([email protected]) before their username. It will show the list of users on the channel, then type their full name.

Why is the quotation symbol working?

The Discord app uses Markdown language, and it doesn’t support quotation symbols. Still, you can use available markup language formate among those tilde key is a helpful Discord markdown.

Is Chatbots are helpful in quotations?

Yes, you can use chatbots for quotations. There are several chatbots available; you can use them on the discord server and discord app. These bots are specially designed for chat options.

Legendary Customisation

Fortunately, there are all sorts of ideas to customize the Discord platform. Several themes are built-in, with the capacity to alter font sizes, text zoom, and more.

Those seeking additional personalization can fix BetterDiscord – a transformed variant of Discord that enables users to download customized themes and change other platform features. Luckily, Discord holds an extensive API, so anyone can go in and build their versions of the social app.